GIF to Animated Bootlogo Converter


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Thanks everyone for over 7,000 Downloads!

Easily customize a gif into a Animate compatible bootlogo, made just for your device. You can even make it fade in from the Apple logo, allowing you to create a seamless transition at boot.

To use your generated animation, install Animate and animate fix for your iOS version, drop the folder into /Library/Bootlogos on your device using iFunBox, iExplorer, SSH, or any other method, and apply it in settings.

If you are not sure about what gif to try, there are some good gifs here:


and here:

Note: The limit frames feature limits the frames used from the gif, and does not affect fade in/out, or multiple loops. It also does not truncate the gif, but skips frames in the middle instead.

Helpful Links (not mine)

Advanced GIF stuff

Combine two GIFs

If you have an abnormally huge GIF that you want to use and BootGIF does not complete making its animation (gets stuck on a frame) try starting it with extra ram by typing

java -Xmx2G -jar BootGIF.jar

in terminal or command prompt while in the directory that BootGIF is in.

Make your favorite GIF your favorite BootLogo